Milestones in the History of

Swami Satchidananda

1914: Birth

December 22, 1914

1914:  Birth

C.K. Ramaswamy (Ramu) was born in Chettipalayam, near Coimbatore, in South India. His father, Sri Kalyanasundaram, was a landowner, village leader, Tamil scholar, and acclaimed…

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1921: Higher Education

January 1, 1924

1921: Higher Education

In 1921, seven-year-old Ramu asked his father if he could accompany him to the conference, not only to listen but to give a short talk…

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1934: Automobile Importer

April 11, 1934

1934:  Automobile Importer

Ramu’s uncle, Sri Krishnaswamy Gounder, owned a growing automobile business in Coimbatore and was the first importer of British cars in Madras (now Chennai). He…

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1937: Temple Manager

January 1, 1937

1937:  Temple Manager

The trustees of the Perur Temple of Lord Nataraja approached Sri Kalyanasundaram with an urgent request. “Do you think Ramaswamy would take up the management…

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1938: Householder Life

May 14, 1938

1938:  Householder Life

Srimati Velammai and her husband were concerned about Ramu’s future. He was twenty-three and still a bachelor when most men were married and had children….

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1942: Seclusion & Study

May 1, 1942

1942: Seclusion & Study

After the loss of his wife, Ramu lived in a room in his father’s house and later in an eight-foot square hut in a field…

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1946: Spiritual Pilgrimage

January 14, 1946

1946: Spiritual Pilgrimage

In 1946 Ramaswamy wandered throughout South India as a mendicant. He devised this as a test period. “If there is a God, then God will…

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1947: Pre-monastic Vows

January 1, 1947

1947: Pre-monastic Vows

Ramu entered the Ramakrishna Mission at Thirupparaiturai, which was headed by Sri Swami Chidbhavanandaji Maharaj. Chidbhavanandaji was a disciple of Sri Swami Shivananda, one of…

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1949: Sri Ramana Maharshi

January 1, 1949

1949:  Sri Ramana Maharshi

Prior to entering the Ramakrishna Mission in 1947, Ramaswamy had felt something drawing him north toward the Himalayas. He had made the decision to leave…

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1949: Gurudev Sri Swami Sivananda

April 1, 1949

1949:  Gurudev Sri Swami Sivananda

Sambasiva Chaitanya’s pilgrimage resumed. In the spring of 1949 he was able to continue on his way north to Rishikesh to the ashram of H….

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1951 – 1952: All India Tour

February 8, 1951

1951 – 1952:  All India Tour

In 1951, Sri Swami Sivananda decided to send Swami Satchidananda to care for a devotee facing a medical crisis. He also said, “I want you…

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1953: Sri Lanka

February 1, 1953

1953:  Sri Lanka

Srimati Selvanayagi was a young woman from a very wealthy Ceylonese family that owned many acres of land around Trincomalee. When Gurudev Sivanandaji traveled to…

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1958: Himalayan Pilgrimages

June 1, 1958

1958:  Himalayan Pilgrimages

High in the Himalayan range is the majestic, glacier-capped peak of holy Mount Kailash, legendary home of Lord Siva. Along the way to the peak…

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1959/1961: Hong Kong and South Asia

April 1, 1959

1959/1961:  Hong Kong and South Asia

In 1959, Swamiji accepted an invitation from Sri Vasudeva Daryanani, the secretary of the Divine Life Society, to give a series of lectures and demonstrations…

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1965: An Invitation to the West

November 1, 1965

1965:  An Invitation to the West

Sri Lanka—known as Ceylon when Swami Satchidananda lived there—was a true paradise. With its lovely climate and beautiful scenery it held a great attraction for…

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1966: To Europe

April 1, 1966

1966:  To Europe

On the way to Paris, in April 1966, Swami Satchidananda stopped in Cairo, Jerusalem, and Rome. Mr. Yogendra Duraiswamy, Ambassador from Ceylon to Rome, knew…

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1966: New York City

July 31, 1966

1966:  New York City

Swami Satchidananda arrived in New York the summer of 1966. He was hosted by artist Peter Max, along with a close friend and designer colleague…

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1967 – 1968: Interfaith Visionary

January 1, 1967

1967 – 1968:  Interfaith Visionary

During the late 1960s, Swami Satchidananda continued to foster the growth of the Integral Yoga Institute in New York, as well as to send students…

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1969: Carnegie Hall, Woodstock, a Record Album & Integral Yoga Magazine

January 31, 1969

1969: Carnegie Hall, Woodstock, a Record Album & Integral Yoga Magazine

Over the next several years, the Integral Yoga Institute of New York expanded its activities, began training teachers to begin to take over classes from…

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1970: Retreats, Earth Day, World Tour & Meetings with Remarkable People

April 22, 1970

1970:  Retreats, Earth Day, World Tour & Meetings with Remarkable People

By 1970, Swami Satchidananda’s popularity was growing by leaps and bounds as interest in Yoga exploded. He was invited to give talks at numerous universities,…

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1972: Vogue Magazine

January 1, 1972

1972:  Vogue Magazine

In 1972, Vogue magazine became one of the first major fashion magazines to do a spread on Yoga. The article featured Swami Satchidananda teaching Yoga…

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1972: Wellness & Yoga

May 1, 1972

1972:  Wellness & Yoga

Throughout 1972, Swami Satchidananda was traveling continually and speaking to a variety of audiences. Of special interest to him was sharing his teachings on disease,…

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1972 – 1973: Ashrams, Pre-monastics & “Yoga for the City”

June 15, 1972

1972 – 1973:  Ashrams, Pre-monastics & “Yoga for the City”

On April 15, 1972, the first Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville opened in Siegler Springs, Lake County, California. For several years, Swami Satchidananda expressed his dream of having…

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1974: Patron of Yoga, Interfaith & World Peace Organizations

January 16, 1974

1974:  Patron of Yoga, Interfaith & World Peace Organizations

By the early 1970s, as Swami Satchidananda was becoming more well known for his Integral Yoga system, for his views on holistic health and wellness,…

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1975 – 1976: Integral Health Services

March 21, 1975

1975 – 1976:  Integral Health Services

In March 1975, Sandra (Amrita) McLanahan, MD, (pictured above with Swamiji) opened Satchidananda Clinic in Putnam, Connecticut. The Clinic was located in the town closest…

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1977: Medical Schools and a Yoga School

January 1, 1977

1977: Medical Schools and a Yoga School

From the early-1970s onward, Swami Satchidananda received more and more requests to speak about his ideas regarding illness vs. wellness, dis-ease, preventive and integrative medicine….

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