In 1951, Sri Swami Sivananda decided to send Swami Satchidananda to care for a devotee facing a medical crisis. He also said, “I want you to take this opportunity to visit some of the places that have been asking for you, some of the other Divine Life centers and other spots where there are devotees. Come back in a leisurely fashion.” Gurudev Sivananda had taken a tour of India himself, and he felt it would also be a good thing for his disciple.

Swami Satchidananda left Rishikesh on February 8, 1951. His Guru watched over him with concern prior to the departure. “Take good care of your health,” the Master instructed. “Jai Satchidananda! Go and thrill the hearts of thousands. Inspire all, especially students, to take to the path of Yoga and lead the Divine life.” The devotee prostrated, holding onto his Guru’s feet, and then left to catch his train.

New Delhi . . . Madras . . . Bangalore . . . down through India to Coimbatore. He lectured at colleges, universities and the homes of devotees. He gave private and public instruction in asanas and pranayama. New branches of the Divine Life Society were opened at Nandi Hills Station, Mysore and Kumbakonan. A beautiful Divine Life Society branch opened in Coimbatore and afforded Satchidanandaji’s physical family their first opportunity to see him since he had received sannyas initiation. The opening of the DLS there was a grand occasion. All the dignitaries came forward to take part in the ceremonies, and many became officers. The mayor became the Coimbatore DLS president. After a brief stay in Coimbatore, Satchidanandaji was off to other places. In Bombay he lectured and gave asana demonstrations all around the area—Shankara Mutt, Asthika Samaj, Sri Ramananda Satchidananda Samaj, Chaitanya Prabha Mandali, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the South India Education Society and High School and the Naval Accounts Office.

After eight months, on October 10th, he returned for a brief visit to see Master Sivanandaji before continuing on the tour. “Satchidanandaji,” his Guru stated, “you have worked wonders. You have thrilled one and all. I have received letters and reports of admiration from various people. You have created a mighty spiritual stir in the country. You have, by God’s grace, rendered an inestimable divine service to the Lord’s children.”