Opening the annual Zinal conference, early 1980s.

By the early 1970s, as Swami Satchidananda was becoming more well known for his Integral Yoga system, for his views on holistic health and wellness, and for his interfaith dialogue advocacy work, he started receiving invitations to become an advisory board member of numerous Yoga, peace and interfaith organizations. He became a patron of the British Wheel of Yoga (UK) and, in 1974, the Chief International Yoga Teachers Association (Australia). He was invited to be the chief guest at many of the conferences and programs. He was invited to become an advisor to the European Union of National Yoga Federations and was the chief guest at their annual summit in Zinal, Switzerland for 15 years.

Throughout the 1970s–1990s, he served on the board or as patron to numerous organizations including: World Vegetarian Congress, Temple of Understanding, California Yoga Teachers Association, United Nations Committee of the Lumbini Project, Center for International Dialogue, Global Cooperation for a Better World, International Interfaith Centre, Interfaith Center of New York, Thanksgiving Square, Parliament of the World’s Religions, among many others.